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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

With a stainless – steel type of finish, and a nice, semi – glossy, mirrored look, we can at least say that this here mother – board has NOT lost the beauty pageant for this year’s mother – boards. No, far from it… it says “superior design, elegant array, stunning look from front to back” all over it. Can you not just feel it? And of course, if you have not seen it, then head over to google and type it in, by full name. You will see many great images of it and it will have your mouth dropping with a bit of saliva…. from pure awe and wonder, and amazement at its majestic presence….

Well, of course, why not just get one of your own and then you can stare at its beauty for as long as you want? I’d say that’s smart! And, before doing that, I’d say it’s even smarter to read my words in the next few areas below. This whole page dedicates itself to your disposal, and will teach you some stuff on the every – day gamer’s ROG STRIX Z490 – F. So please read every sentence…

Now, then, we want to go on and mention that it includes a Flex Key in its entire board, a very nice one that helps the process of things to run a bit smoother. And not only this, but this —- it ALSO works with 6 SATAs at 6 Gb / s. When you really think about that, you will agree that 6 Gb per second is not a bad rate for this…. and to add to that, it also has its own thunderbolt header right at the very bottom of the board’s torso. This mother – board is truly equipped with everything you can think of and all – complete / all – inclusive as a mother – board.

Did you also know that its ProCool II socket is made to specifically intercept bad connection and ensure that the contact it makes with your board’s power lines ( PSU ) is only fully flush, all the time? Well, now you know. And what else to tell you? Well, it’s great at preventing bad hot – spot issues, which can be so common these days… it does prevent this by simply just offering lower impedance within this connector, all in all. Kicks ass, right? It sure does, and you’re not wrong about that!

Plus, it improves your memory stability —- get this —- by reducing CROSS – TALK. Big deal? Yes, super big deal, when it comes to gaming and more user – friendly experiences with less of these issues….

So what has you on the verge of your seat right now? Was it the last thing I mentioned about the memory stability capacities that this mother – board can carry? Was it something else? Let us know! Thank you!!!!