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Third Party Review

Author: Sorin Serban

This motherboard has a wide range of cooling options and improved power delivery to fuel CPUs with more cores and faster storage support. It provides all the essentials you need, and it boosts power delivery while stacking a complete range of cooling solutions to keep Intel’s newest processors under control. It is a robust foundation for ATX gaming setups that excel in performance, thanks to many innovations that include one-click optimization, the latest connections, and futuristic aesthetics onboard illumination.

Who should be interested in this board?

The build-your-own community of PC enthusiasts is anything but ordinary. While one may expect a mainstream product to be marketed at typical consumers, this is not the case. The Strix Z390-E Gaming includes all of the desired ROG applications from Asus. It has Sonic Radar III visual overlay to assist gamers in determining the direction and distance of opponent noises, Sonic Studio III audio effects, GameFirst V network prioritization, Aura RGB control, and Ai Suite tuning. It is available in black or white. This motherboard has been optimized for gamers, and it is mainly for people who understand how motherboards work and why they are unique.

What sets this board apart?

Motherboard manufacturers frequently utilize secondary network controllers to distinguish their features from those of low-cost rivals, and Asus has chosen Intel’s low-cost 1.73Gb/s W-Fi controller for this purpose. CNVi inclusion in the Z390 PCH makes it feasible to keep costs down, as do the integrated 10Gb/s USB 3.1 Gen2 ports, eliminating the need for third-party controllers.

For added convenience, Asus adds two USB 2.0 ports and one PlayStation 2 port, allowing users to connect their keyboard and mouse without using up any of the I/O panel’s 10Gb/s (red) or 5Gb/s (blue) connections. User-friendly interfaces like DisplayPort and HDMI 1.4b allow users to use the CPU’s integrated graphics. At the same time, an i219V PHY provides Gigabit Ethernet, and the S1220A codec links five analog ports, and a stereo optical output fills in the gaps left by the other components.

Some of the features that make it notable include:

What should users know about it?

Asus pre-installed a few temporary files on this board that are immediately recognized and executed the first time Windows is booted. The first of these files is a driver for the board’s 2.5Gbps network interface card, and the second is the application needed to download and install ArmouryCrate. Because of this advancement, you can now install ArmouryCreate with a single click without ever having to visit the Asus website to do it.

The BIOS is what you’d expect from an Asus motherboard of this caliber. A variety of overclocking options are available to you for the CPU, RAM, and motherboard, which will allow you to get the most performance out of your system.

Asus has employed their audio solution to drive the audio on this board, which comprises a Realtek ALC S1220A audio codec with some modifications and other components. This motherboard supports Socket 1151 for Intel® CoreTM, Pentium® Gold, and Celeron® processors and integrated graphics and memory from the 9th and 8th generations. This motherboard also supports Socket 1151 for Intel® CoreTM, Pentium® Gold.

The takeaway

The motherboard has firmware controls and user-friendly software tools for people of all skill levels, making setup, tweaking, and system maintenance quick and easy. It is possible to tune your gaming setup to run exactly how you want it to, with options ranging from audio qualities and cooling and overclocking adjusting network performance. The Ai Suite’s main menu is called Dual Intelligent Processors 5. A prompt at the top of the window invites you to start the application’s auto-overclocking program as well as its 5-way optimization. Design elements such as an exclusive cyber-text pattern and the most diverse ecosystem of components in the industry, comprehensive validation lists, and customization options make putting together and customizing a gaming rig with this motherboard incredibly simple and enjoyable.