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Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero

Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

I do highly encourage it : Getting this mother board, if you like the very fact that you can use lit – up RGB LEDs with it and so much else…. and in terms of these, I am talking about ones that even work with Aura Sync. Did you know that? They do! And what this basically just means, in the simplest way that I could describe it to anyone, would be that you get synced ( or synchronized, he he he heh, pardon my slang ) effects with quality lighting on the inside – to – outside. Now how cool is that? And this type of light, by the way, as you know ( I am sure you might already ) is cost - efficient as it saves energy. Call LED lights some of the most energy – efficient of our time, and you will not be wrong!

By the way, with that comes a few great 4 – pin strip headers, so can the overall package get any better, you ask? That sounds like a deal, and so much is included already, and I have not even mentioned everything else ( or which I could type up a long book, he he heh, just trying to cover all the benefits of all the features of this product, and you would read all of it…. he heh ) . Are those strip headers of the Aura kind, as well, you might ask? Of course they are! And also, they even just so happen to be a pair…. two of them come included!

And if you want an inner cooling system that dominates and keeps cool, even after hours of play, then you need to get the VI Hero for its cooling system as well. It sells on that, too! Count on it.

And why, you might ask? Well, that’s due to its remarkable Water Cooling Zone, made by… you guessed it… ROG itself ( yup, no 3rd - party exporting or manufacturing needed here, thank you very much…. this company takes the initiative and makes its own high – qual water cooling systems, which rock —- just ask all present users, and they will likely not complain on the cooling… it does a good job overall ) .

If you want new codec, intuitive sound, and all in all, great audio experiences when you play ( experiences that can make those tips of your hair stand up when you rock that controller, he he he heh…. even if you are bald and have little hair ) , then the VI Hero is once more your friend. It meets that need over and over again with its use of Supreme FX, not to mention Sonic Radar III and Sonic Studio III, too.

Neat? I’ll say so! And you need to buy now…. the time is now! There is no time for doubting. Make the buy!