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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Get this mother – board new if you can. And keep that manual nearby and ready to read! It’s loaded with tons of info that ought to help you, especially if mother – boards do not happen to be your forte, he he he he he hhe…..

This read will help you, either way, as I plan to talk about this product and help answer some spec questions you might have. So let’s begin. First of all, I would like to formally ( and perhaps a bit unofficially, or informally, I ought to say, he he he he he heh…. you’ll “officially” meet it when you try it out for yourself and get acquainted, ha ha ha hah ) introduce you all to the one and only ROG Strix X570 – E. It’s got RGB lighting, meaning it lights up like no one’s business! And it has addressable RGB headers ( which kind, you want to know next? It has Gen – 2 ones. ) ….

It is mostly black, grey and white, a simple arrangement of colors ( but the mother – board itself, for all it can offer, is anything but simple or plain ) . And there is a slight tad of red here and there, as you can briefly see on certain lines here. It is a nice design and does not look bad at all. It is still, as some say, “eye - catchy yet simple”.

Now, then, on to talking about the connectivity…. first of all, on this note, you ought to know for yourself that the ROG Strix X570 – E does actually support PCIe 4.0 100 % ( and as you might know, not all recently made mother – boards can boast of this, he he heh…. but this little buddy here sure can ) . And it also fully supports the 2.0 version of HDMI, not to mention the 1.2 version of DisplayPort. So you get the best features and everything is more than modern and using the latest and greatest, all over! Get a feel for that….

Now, next, I want also to talk to you about the water pump + header that come along with it. The header, for one, is unlike what you will find in a whole lot of other similar mother – boards out there, so that itself makes it ever – so unique…. it is elegant and does its job well. It is made to last, too. It’s not cheap. So is the water pump, on that note.

This mother – board has sold thousands of units already and this only goes to show its ongoing value. And did I mention that the heat – sinks on it are dual? In fact, these two heat – sinks work with a heat – pipe for best cooling and temp control. So not bad, eh?