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Third Party Review

Author: Muhammad Ahmad

ROG Strix H270F

ROG strix H270F is a top quality gaming motherboard with RGB lights and a supports 3D printing. The board is manufactures by Republic of Gamers, a brand that is well known among the gaming community for its attention to detail in developing aesthetic designs with extremely high quality component base.

The color scheme of the board is very pleasing to the eye and consists of a black and gray theme. It has two heatsinks which go amazingly well with the overall look of the board. The board is also equipped with 3D printing to help you customize the board on your own with your style.

ROG strix H270F has RGB lights which have a variety of features. The premium one is having the ability to be synced with other peripherals giving it an extremely neat look. The board in terms of aesthetics and visuals has class written all over it.

Aura lighting control allows for separate RGB strips to be setup and gives the ability to control and customize the multi-colored lights as you wish. The Aura lightning control has in built sequences of operation for lights such as the rainbow to help further with aesthetics.

This gaming board has H270 chip that allows it to be integrated with a 7th gen Intel Kaby Lake Processor as its base and does not include overclocking. While the exclusion of overclocking certainly reduces a feature that is present in most flagship high quality boards, it also reduces the price of this board significantly. The board is priced at 140$ and while other boards with similar characteristics average at about 200$.

The H270F board is not equipped with an I/O cover and consists of two USB 3.0 headers at the front with a USB 3.1 port at the back along with a USB 3.0 type C. The board has a number of expansion options with six expansion slots.

The deliverables that come along the board to help set it up consist of a user manual, the manual is extremely detailed and only available in English. A CD that has relevant drivers and firmware. Stickers for cables and branded stickers. Plugs for panels. Screws, additional cables and RGB connector.

There are a few things to mention about the features, there is no Wi-Fi adapter built in and networking is done through the hardware only. The H270F does not support NVDIA’s SLI as well.

In conclusion, this board has all the major features of a flagship board at an extremely cheap price. Overall reviews about game performance are good but there are some snags in performance. Then there is the exclusion of overclocking as well, but if there are people that buy boards that overclock and they do not use that feature, then they’re basically paying an addition 60$ for nothing. While people that do overclock on the other hand would be much better suited with mother boards such as Asus Z270E.

Think of it this way, there are motherboards available with cheaper prices and higher prices. Each of them providing services in their unique way. The best way to making sure you make the right purchase is to choose the motherboard which goes along with your style of play and your expectancy from the board. Overall, I would recommend H270F since does manage to get over the line of flagship boards. You should probably list the must haves for you in a board and then go out to make the purchase.