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Third Party Review

Author: Momnaa Ikram

ASUS ROG has introduced the Strix B360-F Gaming, their newest gaming motherboard. It’s also the second B360 Intel motherboard to be released to the public. Apart from its exceptional performance, ASUS believes that the pre-mounted I/O shield, distinctively designed cut, and onboard M.2 heatsink are the most prominent features of the ASUS ROG Strix B360-F Gaming motherboard. This detailed review will walk you through the features of this motherboard, who should use it, and its pros and cons.

Features - What Sets It Apart?

Who Should Be Interested In This Board?

It’s a mid-range motherboard perfect for customers who don’t mind without overclocking, don’t use the RAID options (which are limited by the chipset), and have fewer USB 3.0 connections than a Z370/H370, saving money on a PC Gaming Low Cost.

What Should Users Be Aware Of?




With its attractive and clean build, as well as the level of quality that can be felt with its dense PCB, this motherboard gives a lot to its customers. Aside from that, the quality of this motherboard is ROG-level, and it comes with other unique features that help you get the most out of it.

It not only provides excellent performance, but it also has a beautiful appearance. It has RGB lights, and the cybertext PCB print is unlike anything else you’ve seen. Overall, the Strix B360-F Gaming motherboard is a well-designed gadget that will give you peace of mind when you buy it.