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Third Party Review

Author: Catherine Dempsey

If you’re looking for a high performance motherboard with endless upgrade options, look no further than the cutting edge ROG Strix B550-A Gaming motherboard. Built to support high performance gaming without breaking the bank, this motherboard is full of features built with high-end gaming in mind. But don’t mistake the low price for a low quality board, this motherboard comes packed with features that will bring out your A-game. Powered by ProCool Power Connector AMD Socket AM4 for 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen™ Processors, this motherboard brings twice the power of old four core systems, with added multitasking abilities so you can game, stream, and chat all at once without experiencing any hiccups. A total of 14 USB ports (six in the front, and eight in the back) will support as many peripherals as you need to be at the top of your game, from controllers to headsets. USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C® plus HDMI™ 2.1 is supported, which opens up even more possibilities, including virtual reality when paired with an appropriate graphics card. Along with a high number of USB slots, the B550-A Gaming was designed to be compatible with a long list of popular peripherals, so you won’t have to replace your favorite accessories to get back in the game. The ROG Strix B550-A Gaming features two M.2 slots, making room for a pair of SSDs that will offer high storage volumes at fast speeds. This motherboard comes with a pair of PWM/DC fan headers to keep things cool, as well as an AIO pump header for easy installation of self contained water cooling setups. DisplayPort 1.2 output support means that you’ll get crystal clear display on the monitor of your choice. This motherboard is DIY friendly, so customizing your rig to fit your needs is simple. A pre-mounted I/O shield, BIOS FlashBack, Q-LEDs and SafeSlot all ensure that you can easily make whatever modifications you need to set up your ideal personal gaming machine.

In addition to the advantages offered by this motherboard’s hardware, it also comes with pre-installed software designed to enhance your gaming experience. This board comes with AI-enhanced identification and boost technology to ensure faster and smarter network optimization, and is one of the first in it’s series to feature this new technology. No more lagging and spotty connections to drag your game down. Another feature is the Armoury Crate, which allows you to easily customize all your compatible gaming peripherals from one centralized location. Built-in RAMCache lll speeds up loading times to lightning speeds by caching entire storage devices, so that games and apps can launch instantly.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, in 2020 the ROG Strix B550-A Gaming won three separate industry awards for its excellent performance. It won a gold rating from Proffessionalreview.com, 85/100 by Kotakgame.com, and Choice of Gamers from GECID.com. These awards highlight the motherboard’s quality performance and value. Starting out with this motherboard, you can build the ideal high performance gaming machine you’ve always dreamed about, and at a lower price than the high end competition.