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Asus ROG Maximus XIII Extreme Glacial

Third Party Review

Author: Gobind Jha

Another masterpiece with revolutionary design has made it to the top for Asus. The ROG Maximus X     is the result of collaborative engineering and years of research as well as hard work. To design and land this beast in the market Asus also collaborated with EKWB to bring exceptional features and performance.

How ROG Maximus XIII stands out on the list?

There are a bunch of vendors producing motherboards for years now, but how and why the ROG Maximus     has been able to make it to the top position? The answer to this is its resilient design with excellent performance and reliable operating ability.
Yes, there’s no rocket science. We all buy and select the products with great feature offerings, by analyzing the performance and how durable the product is. The ROG Maximus     is something that offers the output as per user expectations.
The ROG Maximus       onboards an Intel 11th generation of core processors chipset that puts out the best performance while carrying out the heavy workloads and gaming environment. It is the most advanced and sophisticated motherboard with liquid cooling till date.

The Ultrablock full-board cooling system is made of the highest grade 99.99% of pure and clean electrolytic copper just like the 12th generation Z690 motherboard. Further, the combination of an integrated liquid cooling system, hardware, and software features enables the end-user to get maximum performance from Intel’s next-gen 11th generation core processor.

Active cooling facility to the VRM ensures ultimate stability during sustained heavy multi-threaded workloads when overclocking.

Is liquid cooling technology, one of the first in industry from Asus?

Well, there can be a debate on this. Even if it’s not the first in the industry, but the very first from Asus while partnered with EKWB. The monoblock-designed motherboard is an engineered EK cooling system that provides cooling to the power delivery system, CPU, and chipset of course. It derives the liquid cooling solution from its elder sibling the ROG Maximus Extreme Glacial.

The integrated water block helps stabilize the performance and maintains the heat as well temperature across the motherboard components and help function properly. The embedded water block can also be filled manually by the end-users, you don’t need to take it to a service center, that’s the beauty and ease you get with ROG Maximus     Glacial.
The cooling system in ROG Maximus     has leak detection sensors on the connection ports and an inbuilt OLED screen to display the key factors and parameters. It also offers an integrated temperature sensor and a sensor for highlighting real-time data and key measurements of coolant flow.

Extreme Performance

The ROG Maximus ||| is pleasant not only in terms of design but also the performance. The power delivery improvements for overlocking allow users to bend the capabilities for their choice of CPU. For those who want to optimize the motherboard as per their need, the UEFI BIOS and the five-way optimization and control provide users an advanced customization capability to modify each aspect of the motherboard device.

The Maximus     stands out in all the aspects whether its performance metrics, connectivity features, and gaming expectations. The weight ratio management has been supremely engineered by keeping durability and quality in the mind. The motherboard is built of high-end copper cooling and is an all-metal body system.
The robust 18+2 VRM power delivery with EK monoblock cooling solution optimizes power to deliver performance in the peak demanding tasks, workloads, and overloads. It puts out the best of 11th generation intel core processors both in terms of power delivery and performance. Following are the key specs offered by the ROG Maximus     Extreme Glacial


Gaming Offerings

Connectivity Features

Cooling Features

Should you own it?

With great features comes great prices. If you’re an extreme gamer or a fan of hi-tech powerful motherboard systems then the ROG Maximus III Extreme Glacial is the deal for you. You can build and fulfill your gaming needs and desktop system requirements with this masterpiece from Asus and further customize the system as per tour needs.

Considering the price factor which is obviously a little high compared to its competitors in the market, the ROG Maximus III does offer a great feature set along with robust power and performance delivery.