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Third Party Review

Author: Yetunde Adejoke

Hardware review for the ROG STRIX Motherboard.

When you think of a beautiful and functional motherboard, the ROG Strix H370-F gaming from Asus should be what’s on your mind.

Intel released this beautiful chipset in 2018, alongside H310 and B360. When Intel designed the H370 chipset which was the advanced version of the H270, they had in mind a chipset that foregoes overclocking features on their main platform.

Confused about what overclocking is? Overclocking is simply tweaking or increasing the component’s clock rate, and running it at a higher speed than Intel’s default design and speed. The default peak frequency for memory available for this particular chipset is 2,666MHz.

This motherboard is specially built and designed specifically for a customized gaming experience and PC users willing to achieve stability and optimum performance.

When you first sight the ROG Strix H370-F Gaming motherboard, you only have nothing else to do other than total admiration for it.

With diverse external changes effected on the design to create a finesse and unusual motherboard.

Eye-catching prints could be seen on the motherboard, something totally different from other previous series. The LED backlights on the lining on the connectors strongly emphasize the motherboard as a member of the ROG Strix series, and it is worth pointing out.

Another feature of the ROG Strix H370-F Gaming motherboard which makes it different is the metal frame pre-installed on it for the panel connectors on the motherboard, previous designs do not brag of this feature.