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Asus ROG Strix X570-E Gaming

Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Are you a mother lover? Do you love your mother? I hope so. Well, how about your mother – board ( he he he heh ) ? She deserves a little bit of love too, would you not say so? And if it’s time to replace her ( and every mother – board does have her time, sadly, when she can give no more or has very little to offer to her users ) , then you ought to look at this model of mother – board. It’s got a top – notch power supply and is ideal for when you want to play games long, hard and consistently…. it will keep up with you and keep the power going, through and through! Do you like to game a lot?

Well, about that power…. let me first of all tell you that it comes with 12 + 4 power stages. Nice, right? But it gets better….

Also, the power connector that’s connecting with this one is not just any — but it is a ProCool II. Sweet! That means you get strong power, not to mention great alloy chokes and very powerful, long – life capacitors while you are at it. That is a deal of a deal! And if you want to do multi – core capacitors, then this is the mother for you ( mother – board, I mean, he he eh he heh ) !

Plus, the cooling is very comprehensive and is designed and featured by its makers to be able to withstand plenty…. time – wise ( length of play ) , task – wise ( which duties you will be using the mother – board for, in the first place, when you play any games you own, of course ) and so much else! The heat – sink seems to be an active chip – set one that is modern and updated with the best tech. It means it’s ready to go when you are, where you are, and however long you choose to play! It’s here to help you.

And of course, the DIY de – build or build ( or heck, re – build, if you really know how to take these things apart and customize them… but only if you’re an expert, he he he heh ) of this whole mother – board is something else of its own. It’s amazing, say most people who have been able to work with this aspect of it. First of all, the I / O Shield with it is already mounted way ahead of time, ready for you in its position. So that, overall, makes the install and the mount just so much easier.

And you get BIOS FlashBack™, too, which does a nice deal of the work for you. So even if you’re not too technical in terms of building, you’ll at least have some help that you can always fall back on.