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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

You want a mother of all mother – boards, and I can sense it with my psycho powers, he he he heh heh… I see through the fake crystal ball and can tell that you are looking for a product so divine, so genuine, so exquisite…. so I thus decide to help you out and write this page. Carry on, reader. This next read is just for you…..

Sound quality in your mother – board? First thing to look at, I would say, among several others. Well, if that is what’s keeping you up at night, then say no more —- this mother – board takes care of you and gets you great sound you can settle on! The best. Here we are talking about a quality wedding of sound, in which Mr. Supreme FX S1220A and Ms. Sonic Studio III have happily been joined together in holy matrimony, he he he he heh heh. No joke —- they come together and work in perfect sync to provide you the very, very, very best sound that money can buy. You will literally “hear” the audio landscape of whichever game you are in, coming alive before your very eyes, and taking you to that “whole other world” you always dreamed of literally dropping off into…. it will be hard to come back, he he he heh….

The sound is that good. And of course, you can adjust it or pre – set it for the next play, which makes the cozy convenience of it all only that much more alluring, of course. Are you a big believer in getting lost in sound, as some like to say? Well, if you are true gamer, then you ought to be. Now, let me tell you something about the over – clocking itself on this….

5 – way ( not just 4 – way, this time, ha hah ha hah ) optimization. The best so far. It’s here. With this, you can tune the entire system and then re – tune some more after that, of course. Use as often as you like. This is all automated to fit your rig of choice, which is even better ; and once you check out those cooling profiles, not to mention the designated over – clocking ones, too, you will never be the same. Your jaw will literally drop to the floor and hit the concrete, with amazement ( hopefully, not literally —- that would be quite a pain, I would think, he he he he heh ) .

Speaking of cooling, since I did mention it, you get with this model a M.2 heat – sink. It’s a quality onboard one that is sure to surprise you and be as helpful as ever with its storage performance benefits and constant, intact reliability altogether. All in all, it’s a thunder heat – sink! It strikes with flashes of “pure awesome”!