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Author: Petar Petrov

ROG MAXIMUS X CODE: What Users Should Know About This Board.

The MAXIMUS X CODE is an AM4 ATX gaming motherboard with the ROG flag. It features a Crosschill EK III water block, providing liquid cooling to GPUs and MOSFETs. The 3D-Printing-Friendly design allows you to tweak the look of your rig with customizable Aura Sync RGB LEDs. It also has GameFirst IV network optimization software for lag-free online gaming, plus Sonic Studio III for a sound that’s not just great for games, but also music and movies.

The board focused on performance and aesthetics, aimed at gamers who want a powerful machine that looks as good on the outside as it does on the inside. ROG MAXIMUS X CODE comes with Intel’s Z370 chipset. It also includes integrated 802.11a/b/g/n/ac WiFi and Bluetooth 4.2, so you can game without stringing cables all over your room or house, which can sometimes be extremely annoying. This board features many PCIe slots and M.2 slots and is packed with everything you may need.

A Brief History of the ASUS ROG

Asus’s Republic of Gamers’ line of products has been around for over a decade, and it’s pioneered the enthusiast gaming scene since its inception. With the MAXIMUS X CODE, ASUS is continuing to deliver on its promise to provide high-quality hardware for gamers, aspiring overclockers, and enthusiasts everywhere.

ROG products are designed to give you an edge in games with unique features that help you get better performance than your opponents. It all started with the Crosshair motherboard series back in 2006, which featured Crosshair Formula 1 chipsets and came with “Game Tweaker” software for overclocking.

ROG’s more recent boards have grown to include many more advanced features, like SupremeFX audio codecs for crystal clear sound quality and Sonic Radar III radar technology, which helps you pinpoint the positions of your opponents before they spot you.

What Users Should Know About the MAXIMUS X CODE

1. Crosschill EK III water block

The MAXIMUS X CODE features the ROG Crosschill EK III water block, which is specially designed for AM4 motherboards to provide liquid cooling to GPUs and MOSFETs. It features a high-performance copper base with an acrylic top that provides thermal transfer from the CPU to the water block. There are also two dedicated channels for routing cables behind the motherboard tray. You don’t need to worry about getting caught on cables.

2. A Very User-Friendly Design

As we said and above, the MAXIMUS X CODE has a 3D-printing-friendly design that allows you to customize the look of your computer with customizable Aura Sync RGB LEDs. So, if you want a different color board or LED strips, you can print them yourself!

3. GameFirst IV Network Optimization Software

It features GameFirst IV network optimization software that reduces laggy games and prevents data loss by prioritizing gaming packets and allocating more bandwidth to games than other programs. This ensures that all online activities run smoothly without leaving gamers vulnerable to lag or disconnections during their game sessions.

4. Sonic Studio III: Sound Quality

It offers Sonic Studio III sound quality so you can enjoy clear sounds during gaming sessions or while watching your favorite show or movie.


This great motherboard is designed with the finest of aesthetics and performance in mind. It looks elegant and cool at the same time. As people who appreciate this thing, we can say that it doesn’t disappoint. While talking about it, we can add some things to the board that will make you happy. The MOBO is packed with GameFirst IV network optimization software for lag-free, extensive hardcore gaming sessions. The Sonic Studio III audio is aiding the experience by greatly improving the sound quality. As said above, this is one of those small things we all appreciate and need. The design, although not the most important part, feels great to me, slick and cool.

Board Features

Some of the features this board holds are six PCIe slots, three M.2 slots, and a whopping 24 onboard RGB headers.

It also has a Crosschill EK III water block, so you can cool your graphics card and motherboard with liquid cooling, Bluetooth, and many USB ports. The motherboard also comes with Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac and can support dual-band frequencies of 2.4/5 GHz. For those of you who enjoy overclocking for a more extreme experience, the MAXIMUS X CODE is packed with cool features such as LiveDash OLED and overclocking protection. Aside from these features, the MOBO comes with a bunch of exclusive ROG additions like Game First IV, Slow Mode, Extreme Engine Digi, and many many more. In terms of features, the motherboard won’t disappoint, even a little, those of you with great expectations.


MAXIMUS X CODE is not just for games and overclockers. The board is also well suited for people who aim to accomplish productivity tasks. Great help for that is its ability to support multi-threaded workloads like video editing and more.

The onboard 802.11ac WiFi features speeds of up to 1,300 Mbps (1.3 Gbps) and 2,300 Mbps (2.3 Gbps), which means you can download movies fast or play games without lag and worrying about the internet speed. With this feature, there is no need to ever plug in your Ethernet cable. Bluetooth makes it even easier to connect wireless speakers, headphones, or anything else that you may want to connect without the annoying cables getting in your way.


In conclusion, we can say that this great motherboard is a solid balance of amazing performance, high-quality construction, and design, and is well packed with great features, some of which are only available on this model. We dare to say that MAXIMUS X CODE is one of the best boards for gamers and PC building enthusiasts alike who are looking to take their experience to the next level with something new. We hope the article was helpful to aid you in understanding a little bit more about this great motherboard.