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Asus ROG Crosshair VI EXTREME

Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Hello again! This time I want to share on this special mother board model just because it seems to touch a cord with me, and on more than one time I have used it, it has really blessed me in a very unique way, so let’s talk on it. I have some things you may want to write down this time, or you can just remember what I am about to say and keep it to memory for when ( or if, he he heh ) you decide to buy….

Now the first thing will be this —- this model of mother board will suit you if, for one, you are a big fan of Japanese capacitor audio potential ( as I sure am, without a doubt in my mind ) . The audio here is all driven by some of the best of that ( those Japanese sure know their thing and, in fact, they harbor some of the very brightest minds in the world…. some of them working out of the Silicon Valley itself, and other top – tech cities in the US and abroad ) . And what they use here for their 8 – channel audio, and I knew you were gonna ask next, he heh, is none other than the one and only special Supreme FX S1220…. this has proven to be one of their best decisions also happens to be an ROG – exclusive, industry – leading choice for sound, all in all ( I’m not kidding at all ) . It’s the cream of the crop, as some would like to call it.

Now, also, if your GPU happens to be a bit heavier, and you’re serious about your gaming, eh? Then you need to consider this…. a heavy GPU is ideal for this product simply due to the fact that it already comes with a very well – intact, deeply – anchored type of PCIe slot. It is stronger than many out there and serves this purpose well, having been integrated with some of the best metal framing injection molding that you can ever hope to get. The experts behind this carefully designed these SafeSlots, as well, that help all this to work…. and guess what else? All this is dually patent – pending, so you can tell they’re serious about quality!

Have you ever thought about this, too? What kind of water – cooling headers for proper cooling does it have, and is it all any good in that regard, per se? Well, to answer, GREAT COOLING and YES! In fact, AIO headers, the most dynamic ones there are, are what’s included! You also get some of the best OC performance in addition to AUTOMATIC OVER – CLOCKING or AUTO OC ( as some like to say, in brief ) .

So how about that? Making your purchase already? If not, I highly encourage it!