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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Are you one of those eccentric players who really like their 8+2 teamed power stage? Then, if so, the mother – board that you need to look at, my good friend, would be this one right here…. it is center stage and should take up all our attention today….

So let’s have a look at it….

Well, first of all, in addition to the power staging, did you know that it also has its very own Two - Way AI Noise Cancelation? The best of modern Artificial Intelligence powers this bad beast up, he heh, as it allows you to play with style and not have to worry about so many audio issues that you could ever run into ( and I have got a whole long list of at least like 1,000 things that could go wrong in your gaming experience, he he heh…. that is, if and only if you don’t have the right mother – board and sound setups to go along with it, he heh heh heh ) . And you might be wondering, as your next juicy bit of curiosity lends you to be, JUST WHAT the wi – fi on this great mother – board might be looking like, am I right? Well, to tell you, it’s Wi - Fi not 5….. but 6! And in terms of technical terms, it’s this wi – fi here : ( 802.11ax ) .

And did you want to know how good of an ethernet connection you might be able to crank out on this thing, if you want to truly be hard – wired and connected with the most security as you and your friends game? Well, gamer, it’s Realtek ethernet, some of the best around in our modern age… but wait a minute…. get this too —- it’s 2.5 GB ethernet! Not just any basic ethernet, you could say, at the end of the day…

And you know what else? Heat – sinks are a must here, too…. and guess what? The mother – board has em! It also has two ( not just a single one ) M.2 slots for the heat – sinks as well. So you want better cooling, less down – time and glitch moments, this is what you want to go for, my friend. The slots also help to further improve your connectivity and stability of the connection overall, especially when compared to those models of the past… this one is a true upgrade of an upgrade ( of an upgrade —- and it seems to only get better as new models come out, does it not? ) !

Perhaps you worry ( and even joke with your friends about it… come on, now… be honest here ) about the audio being sort of shitty or not that consistent at all with its highs and lows. Not here. Supreme FX S1220A, baby!