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Third Party Review

By Writer : Your One and Only, Amazing, Awesome Tech – Hardware Expert and Guru….. Mr. Efrain E. Silva! ( Woot Woot! )

Hey guys…. this model’s ready to rock your world. Let it do so and make sure you buy straight on Amazon. That way, the deals come to you! Buy used or new…

Now in this post, I hope to share my bit….

The first thing I want you to know is that this sick mother board does not just use any old Average Joe processors, but in fact, it uses the best ones : and we are talking about AMD Ryzen™ processors. And data processing is crucial, of course, to serious gaming and a more complete, less frustrating experience overall…. and with that said, of course, processing would cease to be processing, if it were not for a good socket in the first place. So, on that note, this mother board has that as well, the AM4 Socket. It’s a great one and easily fits those processors and serves your overall need well. Need I say any more on that, or do you already take my word for it? If not, then please keep reading for more…..

Now, then, I want to keep swaying you to check out the awesomeness of this mother board ( if you are not already convinced, then check out the following other great features I am about to reveal, he he he he heh ) by telling you that it ALSO offers ( get this next part, even if you pay attention to nothing else, he he he heh ) SYNCHRONIZED or SYNCED RGB lighting. It goes above and beyond to make sure it is synced in tune and stays that way, and not all mother boards actually sync their own lighting… some just offer a very basic, cheap internal lighting and some don’t even offer that, to begin with. So when you factor that fact in, you can come to agree that it’s quite a plus to have in this model!

Right? Now, moving on….

It also seems to be compatible for syncing with tons of other Aura gear, for varied PCs. If you also want quality addressable light strips, not to mention great Phillip Hue, support, then this mother board model will not let you down. It specializes in that. And what about sound or audio, you might be asking next? Great to ask!!!!!

Well, to answer that, it works both its Supreme FX and its Sonic Studio III to really draw you in to the worlds that you are playing in, bringing you one step closer to some live action. High – Fidelity audio, as they like to call it, and today’s best in that!

Also, thanks to its modern ASUS SafeSlot, it offers much durability as a mother board, making it great for use for hours at a time, or even days at a time, and more. You play a lot? You play non – stop? I know I sure can sometimes….