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systemd-networkd - Arch - Ubuntu - RHEL

A systemd network tool:


Disable Network Manager and enable systemd-networkd.

sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager
sudo systemctl enable systemd-networkd

This network configuration directory will need to exist. Create it:

sudo mkdir /etc/systemd/network

Any NIC that matches this pattern will be configured to use DHCP:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/network/20-wired.network
[Match] Name=enp3* [Network] DHCP=yes

This specific NIC will be configured with the static IP specified:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/network/10-wired.network
[Match] Name=enp3s0 [Network] Address= Gateway= DNS=

You can restart systemd-networkd after making any changes.

sudo systemctl restart systemd-networkd

Bridged Interfaces

Here is an example of creating a device for a bridge interface:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/network/bridge-br0.netdev
[NetDev] Name=br0 Kind=bridge

This would add a NIC to a bridged interface:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/network/bridge-br0-slave.network
[Match] Name=eth1 [Network] Bridge=br0

This would define the static IP info for a bridged interface:

sudo vi /etc/systemd/network/bridge-br0.network
[Match] Name=br0 [Network] Address= Gateway= DNS=


A wireless interface might be configured like this:

[Match] Name=wlp2s0 [Network] DHCP=yes IgnoreCarrierLoss=3s

More Info


Set a priority if you have more than one interface: