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Linux - How to Install AppImage

Installing an AppImage on Linux is easy. I would view this as the future of package management on Linux. We’re going to show you how they work. You don’t actually have to install an AppImage at all. You just make them executable and run them.

To install an AppImage on Linux:

Linux - How to Install AppImage - Details

You can can “install” from the command line like this.

Make the file executable:

chmod a+x myExampleApplication.AppImage

Run the file like this:


If you want to run from the desktop without using a terminal you can do that too.

What are AppImages?

AppImages are a type of software package for Linux. They help to address many pain points with existing package managers.

Here are some of the features that set them apart:

Delete / Uninstall an AppImage

To delete an AppImage, just delete the file. That is part of the beauty of doing things this way.