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How to Install VirtualBox on Arch Linux

Installing VirtualBox on Arch Linux is easy.

Update your Arch system:

pacman -Syyu

Reboot the system:


Check which kernel you are using:

uname -r

When installing the package you will need to select the correct VirtualBox host module package:

Kernel Host module package
Linux stable kernel (linux) virtualbox-host-modules-arch
Linux LTS kernel (linux-lts) virtualbox-host-dkms
Any other kernel virtualbox-host-dkms

Install the VirtualBox package from the repository:

pacman -Syy virtualbox

Use this command to launch it:


Alternatively, you can also launch it from the application launcher.

Kernel Headers for VirtualBox Modules

Install kernel headers ( if you want to be able to compile VirtualBox modules ):

For Linux stable kernel (linux):

pacman -Syy linux-headers

For Linux LTS kernel (linux-lts):

pacman -Syy linux-lts-headers   

Install VirtualBox Extension Pack on Arch Linux

Option 1:

install this package: virtualbox-ext-oracle

From this repo: HERE

Option 2:

Download HERE

Install using the GUI:

Arch Linux VirtualBox Guest Additions Disk

The guest addionts disk can be found here:


Guests can mount that ISO to install Guest Additions.