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Linux Command - cp

cp - copy files and directories

cp test1.txt test2.txt

cp test1.txt dir1

cp test1 test2 dir1

cp --attributes-only -p test1.txt test2.txt

-r recursive
-R also recursive
-a archive, same as -dR –preserve=all
–attributes-only just copy attributes, not file data, need to combine with -p
-b backup each destination file first
-f if file exists and can’t be opened, remove and replace
-i prompt to overwrite
-l create hard link instead of copying
-s create sym link instead of copying
-n no clobber, don’t overwrite existing file
-p perserve mode, ownership, timestamps
–preserve=LIST specify what to preserve, default: mode,ownership,timestamps, other options: context, links, xattr, all
–no-preserve=LIST what not to preserve ( see preserve )
-u only copy if source is newer than dest
-v verbose
-Z set SELinux security context to default type on dest
-d preserve links