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How to Rotate Screen on Arch Linux with Xrandr

Rotating your screen on Arch Linux can be easy with Xrandr. If you are lucky everything will work smoothly. If not you might have to fiddle around with things to get it working properly.

You can rotate the screen and switch to different orientations like this:

xrander -o normal
xrander -o left
xrander -o right
xrander -o inverted

If you have any trouble you may need to specify the screen.

You can find a list of screens and screen names with this command:


You can then specify the specific screen like this ( example screen named LVDS ):

xrandr --output LVDS --rotation inverted

Some people have reported that to get this to work with Nvidia drivers you would need to add this to your xorg.conf file:

Option "RandRRotation" "True"

Side note - People have reported issues rotating the screen when running Wayland. These issues were resolved upon switching to xorg.