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Linux How To Find MAC Address

Any of these commands will show you a list of interfaces on the system. The output will include the MAC address for each interface.

ifconfig -a
ip addr
ip a
ip link

Show the info for a specific interface using either of these two commands:

ip addr show eno2
ifconfig eno2
ethtool eno2

You can use the “-p” parameter to grab the MAC address line like this:

ethtool -P eno2

Note that the ip command is newer than the ifconfig command and is more likely to be installed on newer systems.

Install Ethtool on Ubuntu / Debian / Redhat / Fedora

If you don’t happen to have ethtool installed you can install it with the following on Ubuntu / Debian.

sudo apt update
sudo apt install ethtool

You should be able to install ethtool on Red Hat based systems like this:

sudo yum install ethtool -y     # older systems
sudo dnf install ethtool        # newer systems

You can install ethtool on Arch Linux with the following:

pacman -S ethtool