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Manjaro Architect

Manjaro Architect is/was a version of Manjaro with text based installer that allows you to choose all of your options at the time of installation. Packages are downloaded from the internet and not from the install media. You could choose which kernel, desktop, and other components when you install the system. This would give you even more control over the process and is seen by many as the right way to install Manjaro.

It doesn’t come with a live desktop for installation. It is supposed to require more time to set up the system as well as a better understanding of Linux. It gives you the option to make more decisions on your own but it also requires you to make these decisions.

If you are looking for more control and flexibility, this may be the right choice for you. Some people like to compare this to Arch and say that it is like Arch but with an installer. You do need to keep in mind that with Manjaro you are going to be getting more stability as it pulls in newer packages after they have been tested in Arch for a while.

Manjaro Architect - Dropped?

It seems that Manjaro Architect has been discontinued as of the time of this writing ( Nov 2021 ). You can apparently still install it from the other install media.