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Linux - How to Get CPU Info

If you are wondering how to check the number of cores or CPUs I have another page that covers just that here: Linux - How to Check How Many Cores / CPUs.

If you are using Linux there is a good chance you have needed to get CPU info for your system. This is really easy to find. You can check the details of your system’s processor easily.

Run this command to get all of the details for your CPU on Linux:

cat /proc/cpuinfo

The above command is all you really need. That should give you just about all of the information you would want to know. This is what I usually do.

You can also use the lscpu command to list out a summary of what is in /proc/cpuinfo. It should list it out in a more user friendly format. Run it like this:


You can also use the lshw command. It gives you information about your hardware including some CPU info but it doesn’t give you all of the information for the CPU. It requires root privileges. Run it like this:

sudo lshw -class processor

The dmidecode command gives you a lot of information about your system’s hardware including information about the CPU. It should give you some information that lshw does not. It also requires root permissions. Run it like this:

sudo dmidecode

Another great command to be aware of is

numactl --hardware

One really interesting tool to have his the lstopo tool. This is a graphical tool that shows how your system hardware is layed out. It is really insightful. You will need to have the hwloc package installed. You can launch it like this: