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Linux Command - shred

shred - Overwrite file do destroy contents, optionally delete. This command will overwrite the file repeatedly making it very hard to recover even with expensive equipment.

NOTE - Be aware of mirrors and backups.

shred file1.txt
shred -n 100 file1.txt
shred -u file1.txt
shred -z file1.txt

-f force, change perms to allow writing if needed
-n interations ( default is 3 )
–random-source=FILE use this as a random source
-s shred this many bytes
-u deallocate and remove file after overwriting
–remove same as -u but specify how ( unlink, wipe, wipesync )
-v verbose, show progress
-x exact, do not round file sizes up
-z add a final overwrite with zeros to hide shredding
-u / –remove might not make sense with a device ( ex: /dev/sda )