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ELEGOO Neptune 2D FDM 3D Printer With Independent Dual Extruder

The ELEGOO Neptune 2D is an interesting variation of the regular Neptune 2 3D printer. Although they share almost the same technical specifications, There are a few different features between this model and the regular Neptune 2. As you can probably see from the name, 2D offers you a dual extruder. That is interesting, as, with it, you can mix colors while printing. In this article, you will see the features of Neptune 2D and its technical specifications.


The design of this model is the same as the previous one: compact and simple. It had a V guide roller, a CNC machinated aluminum extrusion, and more. The great V guide of the Neptune 2D will greatly improve the precision and quality of your prints. The machine comes half-assembled, which is always good.

As with Neptune 2, 2D also features smart printing. As you know, this means that once the process of printing is done. The machine will turn off all processes. It has paused printing too. You may already know, but this is an extremely- good feature. Especially if something like a power shortage occurs. Your printer will freeze the printing process. Once you have electricity, the machine will resume printing your model exactly from the spot it started on.

There are no improvements to the power supply. It is still the same 400-watt switch-power mode supply. That is a great addition as it protects your machine from overload. On top of that, the hotbed (250Watt) can be heated- up to 100 degrees Celsius, which is quite good.

The Neptune 2D model has one big difference from the other 3D printers with the same name. It has an independent dual extruder design. The two extruders are full-metal and support dual-filament color switching in one single nozzle. Together- with these dual extruders and the great 32-bit motherboard, This machine can deliver high-quality prints with great precision and as little noise as possible.

Technical Specifications  
Frame material CNC machined aluminium extrusion
Modeling technology FDM(Fused Deposition Modeling)
Build Volume 220x220x250mm
Printing precision ±0.1mm
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Print speed 30-180mm/s (60mm/s is recommanded)
Ambient enviroment temperature 5℃ - 40℃
MAX. nozzle temperature 260° Celsius
MAX. hotbed temperature 100° Celsius
Slicer software Cura
Input format stl, .obj
Output format Gcode
Connection Type TF Card、USB Wire
Power input 100-120/200-240V
Power output 24V
Machine Dimensions 430426613mm
Net weight 7.4kg
Gross weight 8.9kg
Package size 545375200mm
Controller board: STEM32 F103
UI Lanague English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese
Computer operating system Windows XP/Vista/7/10 MAC、Linux
Monochrome, two-color printing Yes
Resume printing Yes
Filament detection Yes
Resume breakpoint Yes
Extensible function laser engraving, automatic leveling

In conclusion, this model does not show many differences from the previous ones. The dual extruder is the most noticeable, and most likely the only, difference. Being able to mix colors with this 3D printer is great. Of course, if you are not a fan of this, then it is recommended to check out the other versions of Neptune 2. Overall, the machine is great, especially given its price. At the moment, the price on their website is $239. If you plan to buy this 3D printer, my advice is to check out if you actually need it. In the end, the machine is another great addition to the Elegoo 3D printer catalog. Thank you for reading the article. Till the next one.