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ELEGOO Mars 3 - Resin 3D Printer

The Elegoo Mars 3 is the latest model of the Mars 3D printer series. It is a well-designed and downright affordable machine that can look great on your desk. It offers durable quality prints and comes with a monochrome 4K screen, ultra-precision, and fast print speed. This machine would be perfect for both professionals and beginners who want to deal with 3D printing. While it has some minor drawbacks with its looks. This can be easily overlooked when comparing its value and quality of work to that of other printers. If you are looking for an entry-level or mid-level 3D printer, you’re sure to be pleased with the Elegoo Mars 3. To find out more about it, keep reading.


 ELEGOO Mars 3 - Resin 3D Printer

The Mars 3 Printer’s technical specifications

For the features, let’s start with the design. Although the looks of the older models were not bad at all, the 3rd version brings in a new, still not perfect, but more pleasant to the eye design. With black and red as the primary colors of the machine. And the efforts to keep the costs of production to a minimum. The printer still looks great and even has some improvements. The possibly best one is that the USB port and the start button are on the front side of the machine. That, by far, is probably one of the best, as no one wants to try and reach them in the back of their printer, especially if it’s full of resin and liquid.

When we are talking about the features. The Mars 3 printer has a very nice 6.6-inch LCD masking with 4k resolution and is of great quality. That gives the model a great horizontal resolution of 0.35 microns (mm).

This 3D printer uses 405 mm of Ultraviolet Resin, which you have to handle properly if you want to avoid injuries. The best thing is to keep your gloves and mask on and proceed with the work like that. Luckily for you, from Eleegoo, they have thought about it, and in the package together with your new Eleegoo Mars 3 printers, they have included all the consumables you may need in the beginning. Being this thoughtful is always good for the customers, and especially for the newbies, who may have thought about starting 3D printing as a hobby.

Mars 3 is a simple set-up printer that is ready to use- the moment you unbox it. As you see and above, the package you get will include everything you need regarding safety. The machine itself is easy to operate and fully ready to do so. Just bring it out, find it a place in a well-ventilated room, and you are good to go. Making 3D models could not be easier to start and, on top of that, at such a low price.


The ELEGOO Mars 3 ULTRA 4K Mono LCD 3D Printer is a pretty good entry-level printer. The good printing capacity and advanced print quality make it the best choice for those starting in the world of 3D printing. The features are very nice, including the start button and the USB port in the front of the printer, the touch screen, the great 4K resolution, and last but not least, the great price at which you can get it. Costing only $300 on their official website. This 3D printer is a good deal, which is good to check out. Overall, it is still one of the best 3D printers available today, especially considering its low price point and that it is easy to operate and use.