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ELEGOO Mars - MSLA 3D Printer

The ELEGOO Mars is an excellent Resing based 3D printer. It usings MSLA technology.

Two main things that stand out about this printer:

There also exist a few newer models:

ELEGOO Mars Setup and Test Run

Here is our setup and initial testing video. We went over:

Unboxing Video

This is the initial unboxing video. It shows what comes in the box and what the results of a finished build look like. It doesn’t show the setup. That is in the setup video.


Elegoo Mars
Build Volume 120 x 68 x 155 mm
LCD Resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels
Layer Height 0.01 mm
XY Resolution 0.047 mm (47 Micron)
Z-Axis Accuracy 0.00125 mm
Layer Cure Time 8 seconds
Plate Leveling Manual (assisted)
Display 3.5″ full-color touchscreen
Connectivity USB
Materials 405 nm UV-sensitive resin
Recommended Slicer ChiTuBox
File Type cbddlp
Monochrome RGB LCD
Fume Management no
Resin Vat
Cover color red
Ethernet yes but disabled
Platform Chitu platform based

ELEGOO Mars - Third party Review

The Mars UV Photocuring 3D Printers, a product of the Chinese company ELEGOO, provide excellent quality and features. The printer itself was revealed in late 2017 when the features and the traditional design for the Mars 3D printer series were introduced. Being easy to use and set up is something that you will see in the later models. Being easy to use and with great features, you would expect a high price. Well, with this model, it’s not like that. Especially if you bear in mind that as time passes, the price of the model goes further down. This makes it affordable for everyone who wants to try out 3D printing.

The Features of the Mars 3D Printer

When it comes to the features, we have to start with the quality of the prints. Whether you’re new to 3D printing or a seasoned pro, you’re probably aware that the most critical aspect of the machines is the quality of the prints they produce. The Mars 3D printer offers you high-quality prints due to its X/Y resolution.

Time to move on to the design. The design is very slick, clean, and bets on the red and orange colors. Like with most 3D printers from the ELEGOO company, this one also uses aluminum baselines with a good UV cover to protect you. When we talk about the design, we have to say that this machine is rather small. Although it can be a problem for some, most will find it an advantage, especially if you don’t need a big one anyway. The plus side of this is that you can even put it on your desk and just easily find a place for the printer.

While we are on the design. Probably the worst thing about it is the USB port location. On this model, it is in the back of the printer, making it hard to reach if you placed it without thinking about this problem. No one would like to reach behind a printer full of resin and operate, trying to reset the USB port.

The interface is simple, and you can easily use it, as it is a touchscreen. That makes the work easy and makes it as easy to navigate through the UI of the machine.


When it was announced back in 2017, the 3D printer was first listed for around $400. That, of course, was a long time ago, and the price dropped by a lot because of the newer Mars versions. At the moment, you can find the Mars UV Photocuring LCD MSLA 3D Printer for only $150 on their website. If you visit it up to this date, you may be able- to use the clearance deal they are having. Without this deal, the regular price is 190 dollars.


The ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD MSLA 3D Printer is an ideal pick for both experienced and novice 3D printer fans. If you want something affordable, this is your pick to go. The great features of the machine and the fact that it’s also easy to use make it a great choice for beginners. It is so easy to operate and set up that the Mars 3D printer allows you to get started with your first print in just minutes. Overall, the Mars UV Photocuring LCD MSLA 3D Printer is a good and affordable choice to make.