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ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine

This is the ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine used to cure resin prints. I’ve purchased this device think it is pretty neat so far. You can find it on Amazon HERE (affiliate link ).

Cure resin prints:


This is the unboxing video:

Mercury Curing Machine Specs

Control Method Touch-sense Key Controller
Input Voltage 110V/220V 50/60Hz
Rated Power 25W
LED Lamp 405nm
Time Setting 0-9mins30s
Machine Net Weight 1.35kg
Maximum Curing Size φ120*150mm
Machine Size φ150*251. 5mm

Elegoo Mercury Curing Machine - Third Party Review

The ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine is a great asset for your 3D printer. The curing machine uses ultraviolet lights that can be used to cure various models while making them studier and with better durability than what the competition can offer.

It is a great machine that reduces the need for additional equipment and makes it easier for everyone by saving time with the curing. Unless you want to let the sun do it. This curing machine can be of great help to people who want to start printing their creations. It is especially- good if you have little experience with 3D printing.

ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine


The Mercury Curing Machines come with some great features, like time control, and on top of that, they are intelligent. Like everything nowadays, it has the word “intelligent” in it. Well, in this case, it’s related to the LED display of the machines, which allows you to control and set the time with ease.

Another great feature of the Mercury curing machine is that it is compatible with various types of 3D printers like SLA, DLP, or LCD. It can work with all of them as long as they operate with the standard 405 nm resin. If these conditions are met, then you don’t have to worry.

While we are talking about curing, we have to say that this machine also has see-through windows. With it, you can easily observe the process of curing. And be able to see the model you have printing. Now you may worry that it will leak some UV light out, but that will not happen, as the materials used for the window are of high quality and also prevent the leakage of light.

ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine

Now to my favorite part, the design. Every single time we buy something, the design plays a huge- role in our choices. Although you may think otherwise, just think about how all the things you have are mainly pleasing to your eyes. I can say that the Mercury curing machine has an amazing design. With its cylindric shape and great materials, it just looks stunning. Aside- from the shape of the machine. We have to pay attention to the metallic-looking black color, which just fits with everything. On top of that, the curing machine is made- from sturdy aluminum alloy. It also has a sandblasting oxidation surface, which ensures the quality of the product.


The ELEGOO Mercury Curing Machine For LCD DLP SLA 3D Printed Model is reasonably priced- at $59.Being sold at this price on their official website and Amazon page is like a one-time deal. The quality of the product is superb, and the price is low. If you do not buy it, you would most likely have to use the sun to cure the models outside or build something similar to this machine. That by far will go over the price of this Mercury Curing machine, and it’s not worth it.


I can say that this is a great product when- it comes to curing. You can use it both for work and your hobbies. Curing is a critical process, and having a machine that can ease it is of great help. As I said, there are not many options, especially if you have to cure your models. The Mercury Curing Machine is worth it. Be it in terms of quality, price, or simply how well it performs its function. If you need to get something on a budget, I do recommend that you check out this model. Once again, I hope the article was of help, and thank you for reading it.


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