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Mercury X Bundle Washing And Curing Machine

Here is a video covering the Elegoo Mercury X

As we know, Eleego is a great company offering various 3D printers, consumables, and other machines working with their products. Today’s focus is the Mercury X Bundle Washing And Curing Machine, which is a device that helps you with your printed models. You can see from the name, this gadget performs washing and curing of your 3D models.

Being this great, we can not miss the fact that this bundle provides both curing and washing machines. Both have great capacity compared to some of the competitors on the market. If that is not enough- they are easy to use and set up.


Time to discuss what makes this machine so good. As a starter, I’ll mention the great capacity of the Mercury X Bundle. It can take up to a maximum of 8 liters, which, by all means, is a good thing as you can wash bigger models in it. On top of that, it goes both to the washing and ultraviolet curing stations.

Another great feature is that both modes- can be used at the same time. This means that you can work on more than one model at a time, and while one of them is washing, you can be curing another one. This is great when it comes to time-saving, even if it’s by a little.

When it comes to the design, you can see that it is pretty simple. This doesn’t mean that it’s bad. Sometimes the beauty is in simplicity. For example, you can see that the curing machine is made from a transparent yellow shade. Which- lets you observe the process but at the same time protects you from the UV light.

While we are in the curing process, we have to talk about and about the platform itself. As the platform is rotatable, it can offer better three-dimensional curring, which can ensure that your 3D printed model is well solidified.

When you think about it, one of the features that can be a little contradictory is the dual connector power adapter. The Mercury X Bundle Washing And Curing Machine offer and uses has the great benefit of letting you cure and wash at the same time. You can operate with both machines simultaneously. This sounds good, but at the same time, if something happens with this adaptation, you can’t use either of them.


Once again, it’s time to talk about the price of this product. When it comes down to it. The Mercury X Bundle Washing and Curing Machine price are pretty much on the spot. With its 180-dollar price tag, you can get good performance in both- washing and curing your 3D models. That is great, as you are getting two machines, which literally can cost you one in some cases. To check out the current prices and if there- are any promotions, you can head to their official website or Elegoo Amazon page.


I can say that this bundle is one of the best simply because it offers great performance for its price. You can perform two actions- at the same time with it, which is very useful. The price is affordable, and although the design is not the best, it does its job of protecting you from UV and helping with the models’ curing.