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Bring your imagination to life at home with this amazing 3D printer. It is well-known that nowadays the 3D printing has become more affordable. That is due to the various models introduced by different brands. Elegoo is a brand that- is staying at the top, providing different innovative technologies to the 3D printer market. The Jupiter model- being one of their most prominent by-size printers, which was announced not long ago. Jupiter has already gathered the admiration of many. That is evidenced- by their Kickstarter platform and the funds raised for it. With great capacity, this printer can fit your needs. Be it just for your hobby or for work. In this article, you’ll read about some of its features, the printer price, and whether it is worth it.

Product Description

The ELEGOO JUPITER 12.8” MONO MSLA 3D PRINTER is a high-quality large format printer. It has a large volume of 10.9 inches x 6.1 inches x 11.8 inches, and most importantly, you can print up to four large objects in one go with this 3D printer.

It is constructed with high-quality metal profiles and even has precision ball bearings for extreme precision and durability. The full-metal build of the printer guarantees its durability and that it will not age and break easily. It is more sturdy than the plastic ones. In general, the construction of the printer is stylish and pleasing to the eye.

As it is in the name of the model, the 3D printer has a very high resolution. The LCD 6K screen lets you see the models of your prints in high quality with more dense pixels. That also adds to the better quality of your prints. If this is not enough, the ELEGOO Jupiter has a good 5-inch screen, which is easy to use and offers a great interface. With it, you can do your work easier and faster. These two features are ideal for those of you who require more precision if you use the printer for work or even for your hobbies.

Another big advantage of Elegoo Jupiter is that it uses MSLA technology. That is an edge over many others, as most 3D printers use SLA, which uses a laser to create the models. The printer itself has a COB light source, which lets it produce even better quality prints, and on top of that, it has inbuilt air purifiers to take care of the unpleasing odor.


As you may know, this amazing 3D printer was first available for 600 USD for those of you who got to know it early and supported it. That was possibly the lowest price you could have gotten it for. Now the 3D printer is listed for pre-order at the price of $1,300. Unless- you pledged on their Kickstarter, where you could get one for a pledge of over $740.


The Jupiter model is a great 3D printer, with a huge volume and high-resolution printing. These two features are already enough for many, as they give many opportunities. The design is built to last, and the machine itself is full of many features that every enthusiast will need. Although the price is not the cheapest, it is still good if we consider all of the pluses that this 3D printer presents. In the end, if you need a 3D printer for work, this one is the one to go with. On the other hand, if you need one for hobbies or games, you can check out the other models of this brand, for example, the Mars 3 model. Thank you for reading this article.