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ELEGOO Mercury Plus 2 In 1 Washing And Curing Station

In today’s article, you will read about the ELEGOO Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Station. As most of you who deal with 3D printing know, The process can be quite messy. That is where Mercury Plus comes in. Being a solution to this mess can simplify the process. The machine itself is used, as you can guess from the name. For post-curing and washing of your 3D models. It works well with LCD, DLP, and SLA printed models, so it is compatible with most of the 3D printers out there. Below you will read about the features and some of the pros and cons of the machine.


First on the list is the touch screen, which ensures that you have great control over the machine and the processes. The touchscreen itself is not that big, but it’s easy to use. It is only 0.96 inches wide. The function of the washing and curing machine itself can be controlled by the touch buttons, which you can easily see. They are easy to use and, thus, everyone can do it.

The ELEGOO Mercury Plus 2 in 1 Washing and Curing Station has an adjustable bracket. That means that, as long as you have the model ready. You can simply put it in the adjustable brace, attach the bracket to the pillar and start the process. It is important to note that the washing can work for models only up to 160mm given the size of the platform.

Like the previous version, this one offers a 360° rotatable turntable. That is good because it ensures that your model will cure evenly under the UV lights.

While we are on the UV lights, This model has 16 UV curing lamp beads. Being two pairs of eight, the 2 in 1 machine has eight units of 405mm and, similarly, eight units of 385mm.



Tech Specifications

Control Method Touch button
Rated Power 48 W
Input Voltage 110 V/220 V 50/60 Hz
UV Light 385 nm + 405 nm(8+8)
Time Setting 0-30 mins
Machine Size 200 mm* 200 mm*352 mm
Maximum Curing Size φ140*165mm
Maximum Wash Volume 125mm85mm160mm
Machine Net Weight 4.8kg

In conclusion, the ELEGOO Mercury Plus 2 In 1 Washing And Curing Station is a great machine. It can perform both washing and curing. This is something that can save you time, money, and space. Having a machine that can do both and do it relatively safely is great. The price of the two in one machine is only 120 USD both on their website and Amazon. It is a great option for anyone who wants to deal easily with the mess created by 3D printing. Overall, the machine is affordable and effective, and it is worth it.