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ELEGOO Mars Pro - MSLA 3D Printer

The Mars Pro is a notch above the original but a notch below the Mars 2 and Mars 2 Pro. It is similar to the orgininal Mars 3D printer except for the following:


Elegoo Mars Pro
Build Volume 120 x 68 x 155 mm
LCD Resolution 2560 x 1440 pixels
Layer Height 0.01 mm
XY Resolution 0.047 mm (47 Micron)
Z-Axis Accuracy 0.00125 mm
Layer Cure Time 6 seconds
Plate Leveling Manual (assisted)
Display 3.5″ full-color touchscreen
Connectivity USB
Materials 405 nm UV-sensitive resin
Recommended Slicer ChiTuBox
File Type ctb
Monochrome RGB LCD
Fume Management no
Resin Vat Aluminum
Cover color red
Ethernet no
Platform Chitu platform based

ELEGOO Mars Pro - Third Party Review

The ELEGOO Mars Pro is another great 3D printer from the Mars series. As always, it comes at an affordable price and offers good quality. It is one of the best UV printers in its price range. The Mars Pro is equipped with many features, including some good upgrades from the regular Mars 3D printer.

Features of the ELEGOO Mars Pro

When talking about the ELEGOO Mars Pro, it is important to note that there are no big differences from the previous version. Although it has “Pro” in its name, criteria like printing quality, design, and features are almost the same.

Let’s start with the design, like the first Mars version. The features of the ELEGOO Mars Pro are similar to those of ELEGOO Mars. Like their predecessors, both 3D printers have a small volume, are compact, and take little to no space compared to some of the biggest models. One of the most noticeable changes, if you have a keen eye, is the UV protecting hood. For Mars Pro, instead of the original orange Mars version, you get a red one which now features a gasket. When it comes to the design, the best thing about it is probably the USB port. As you all know, the hassle of reaching behind a printer for the port is always annoying. With the Pro version, you get your USB port right next to the LCD panel. That is by far the greatest improvement, in my opinion. The next feature will be quality. Simply put, the quality you can expect from the ELEGOO Mars Pro is good. To put it like that, the quality of your prints will mainly depend on the setting you input for the prints. You may need time to hone your skills with Mars Pro or any other 3d printer, especially if you are new to 3d printing.

As with the other versions, Mars Pro comes with the needed consumables. The package includes things like masks, gloves. It has everything that you will need to start printing. That is especially good, given the fact that the 3D printer is easy to set up. You can start printing right away. It is so easy to prepare for it as all you have to do is unpack the machine, connect the parts and give them some power to start printing.


To summarize the verdict, we can say that the ELEGOO Mars Pro is a great 3D printer, which offers high-quality prints. It is easy to use, requires no skills to set up and, on top of that, has some improvements like the USB in the front of the machine and a new vat. Although the machine is great, it still has some flaws, like the small build plate. This being the biggest flaw, it is not something to be too concerned about. Furthermore, the price to quality ratio of this printer is great. The machine is currently on sale for 177 dollars on their website. Overall, the ELEGOO Mars Pro is a great 3D printer, which can offer you a lot. It is a great pick for those who are just starting with 3D printing or for those of you who just want a competitive model at an affordable price.