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ELEGOO Mini Air Purifier

Sometimes it is quite annoying to smell the odor of resin when we are using a 3D printer, especially for beginners. The odor comes from the metal structure and plastic materials used during the process. Some even feel uncomfortable under such circumstances. But have you ever thought of a solution? The ELEGOO Mini Air Purifier is an ideal choice. Produced from high-quality materials. This printer air purifier is of the highest quality. It will help you solve the problem with the unpleasant odor and will definitely improve the air quality when you use a 3D printer. The purifier- works with an activated carbon filter. That is the main reason- why it can absorb the unpleasant resin odor while you are using the 3D printer. The ELEGOO Mini Air Purifier can be used for LCD, DLP, and MSLA Resin 3D Printers. It is easy to set up and easy to move and offers you a great yet simple design.


The main features of this amazing product are odor control and durability, which we all need so much when using our 3D printers. The unprinted ink produced from the resin while printing can be very irritable. Elegoo air purifier has an activated carbon filter that absorbs odors, filters them, and purifies the air using its built-in cooling fan.

Another great future of this product is that you do not need to buy a new one unless you break it. Why would you ask? Well, it is simple. The Elegoo Mini Air Purifier- uses replaceable carbon filters, which you can easily buy and replace. You have to do this procedure carefully, as the filters themselves can operate safely for three to six months. It is recommended to change them with new ones after that period.

As you can see in the title of this article, the air purifier- can be used with various resin printers like DLP, MLSA, and LCD. That is by far one of the best features, as it means that even if your 3D printer is not a Mars model, you can use this portable and great air purifier. As long as your printer meets the requirements.

Last but not least, as with most modern gadgets, the ELEGOO Mini Air Purifier also has a battery. Surprisingly, in this case, the battery life is long enough to guarantee you enough endurance so you can start and finish your printing in peace. The purifier uses a 2000mAH battery, which you need to charge just once every 24 hours. Or on a few working days (unless you operate with it for 24 hours straight).


After discussing the product and its features, it’s time to move on to the price. Like with every great product, the price must be high. I bet that’s what you are thinking. Well, you are wrong! Elegoo air purifier costs between 28 and 30 dollars, depending on where you buy them.

If you decide to buy from the official site, or on Amazon, as I recommend, you will have to pay only 28 dollars. For this price, you will get two air purifiers and a power charging adapter, which you will have to use in order to charge the battery.


In the article, you were introduced- to the ELEGOO Mini Air Purifier. The great features it has, and the amazing price at which you can acquire it. Given all the details I wrote about above, it’s not hard to assume that my opinion about this product is high.

Everyone who is used to 3D printing or is just starting understands how important it is to keep odors under control because they are not only unpleasant. But can also be dangerous. This well-designed air purifier provides quality, meets the requirements of everyone as it is compatible with a lot of 3D printers, and is selling at a great price. All these factors are enough to say that this product is great and probably a must if you are using a 3D printer. I hope the article was of help, and till the next one.