Ship Grip

Monitoring System

Ship Grip - Monitoring System

Ship Grip is our brand new server monitoring system. The two use cases driving the project are monitoring a private NAS and monitoring Digital Ocean droplets running Nginx. Security is a primary concern since much of the communication will be going directly over the internet. We are putting in extra effort to securely monitor our cloud hosts.

You can grab the source for this project on Github. Packaged versions of the product will be available at some point.

The system is mostly written in Python with FIM component (separate project) being written in Golang.

Currently this project is at version 0.0.1 and it doesn't do much yet. Here is what we have so far.

  • Client and agent components can connect over the network.
  • Disks and RAID arrays can be queried.
  • A stub script for the SSL tester is in place.

Coming up for the first, real, usable release:

  • Components will run daemonized.
  • Alerts will be saved to a database (MongoDB).
  • Email alerts will be available.
  • A GUI will be added (web and fat client).
  • Standard things will be monitored (diskspace, CPU etc.)
  • Web page monitoring will be implemented.
  • SSL Cert monitoring will be implemented.
  • We will integrate with our File Integrity Monitor.